Value Statements are Based on Buyers Wants

Let’s get right down to it, what do buyers want?

  • Don’t waste my time
  • Don’t disrespect me
  • Treat me like I have $1,000,000 to burn
  • Give me the answers, don’t beat around the bush
  • Give me a fair deal, don’t try and rip me off
  • Don’t make this hard on me
  • Make sure this is comfortable for both me and my wife/husband/son/daughter etc…
  • Give me something others will be jealous of/make me look good/important/cool/fun etc…
  • Does this vehicle fit my needs/wants/expectations?
  • Can I trust you?
  • Save me money on gas/repairs/insurance etc…

They don’t all matter to every customer. It’s your job to present the proper features to the customer that will best connect with them and their situation.

Some of the things that have been raised as valuable reasons to do business with the Capital Auto Mall have been things like:

  • Aggressive Pricing, almost one price
  • Certified Pre-Owned program on GM used
  • Owner Advantage loyalty program at Ford
  • Full service facility
  • Extended hours Mon-Thurs til 9PM
  • We’ll care for you long after you’ve purchased
  • Humoungous selection
  • Our e-team is fantastic and makes it so easy to do business here
  • VIP Internet Appointments
  • …Billions more

Your value statements really need to include what that represents.  Value is not the feature, it’s the experience of using that feature. It may feel a bit awkward at first to explain why aggressive pricing is beneficial but make sure you take the time to spell it out. Connect it with the customers wants above.

What is the “feature”
+ Why is it an advantage/valuable
+ Why is that beneficial to me?
= Value Statements

You need all components to make a proper value statement, then you need to properly connect it to that individuals want, like respect my time:

Feature We have extended hours Mon-Thurs until 9pm
Advantage which our customers tell us they love because most other stores they’ve shopped at close at 6pm.
Benefit It allows you to shop at your convenience during the week, whenever works best for you. We eliminate the hassle of having to step away from work or coming to the store during your very busy weekend, if you don’t want to.

Are there any other wants car buyers have that you can point out and add to the list? Leave them in the comments if there are. 

PS: Get sensory with your descriptions. For example, you should not say, “Clients want good customer service.” That’s vague. A better answer is “Our guests have their technical questions answered the first time they call, without being put on hold or having to leave a message.” That’s easier to visualize, isn’t it? It stirs more emotion, which is what we want to do to get people to move in our direction. CAFFEINE baby! It’s for closers.

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